Internation Development Design Summit (IDDS)

IDDS is a month-long event that bring together people from all over the planet and all walks of life to together design technologies that address topics of local communities. It is organised by individuals from all over the world in collaboration with the International Development Innovation Network at MIT.

From December 2014 until January 2016 I was part of the lead organising team behind the International Development Design Summit in Lahore, Pakistan. Our small team was awarded a grant of U$35k in early 2015 to organise an ICT-focussed design summit. The summit focused on the development of scalable IT applications. From over 300 applications we selected 40 participants from 25 countries. In six teams they worked on projects in the sectors of health, agriculture, education and arts & crafts, developing IT-based solutions to challenges in each sector.

In July 2016 I was a Design Facilitator at the permaculture-focussed design summit IDDS Amazonia in a rural community outside the city of Belém in Para, Brazil. I lead an international team through a design process, focussing on the development of products and a business plan based on the abundance of local fruits. The work on the summit allowed me to improve my skills in curriculum development and delivery and design facilitation. The permaculture focus of the event opened my eyes to design processes that explore larger systems

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