ThingsCon fosters the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT. To this end we provide practitioners with an open environment for reflection & collaborative action. ThingsCon is a global community of practitioners around Internet of Things (IoT) and connected products, as well as one of Europe’s leading conference networks in this field.

We understand ThingsCon contributing to a movement of practitioners who champion shared values: openness, sharing, diversity & inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration in all things “connected” – from products and services to IoT, from consumer goods to smart cities and more. Currently in IoT, not all voices are heard equally, and not all services and products are designed in a way that is human-centric and with the public good in mind. We believe that a network of practitioners working with aligned values can change this. Through networked action, we can make and advocate for technology that is a force for good. .

The ThingsCon community frequently organises events all over the world. In workshop and talks thinkers and practitioners such as Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Warren Ellis, Bruce Sterling have covered topics ranging from the clash of technologies with cultural practices, security issues and the creation of meaning in a world full of data. We are currently exploring ways to empower community-organised event and are developing new formats. Working on ThingsCon allows me to dive deep into the related topics, grow my network and learn the art of curating captivating, engaging events.

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